Why aren’t we born remembering our past lives?

During my interview on Doug Stephan’s, Your Hidden Power segment this morning, Doug asked me a great question about Past Life Regression. He asked, “Why aren’t we born remembering our past lives?”

He caught me off guard on that one, although, on reflection, I don’t know why I haven’t been asked that question before now!

My initial reaction was how confusing it would be to navigate and focus on the lessons and experiences of this life while processing the all the information from our past lives. But, now that I have had time to think about it, I realize how often the echoes of our past lives make themselves known.

Let’s start with relationships. You have probably met people in this present life that you were instinctively drawn to, or repulsed from, even though you have little or no reason to feel so strongly about them based on your experience with them now. Could that be an echo from as past life? Hypothetically, and, based on my experience as a hypnotherapist, my answer is a resounding YES!

But, imagine meeting a new person today and suddenly your mind is filled with a thousand memories, of when that person was your husband or wife or child, or your best friend, or when they murdered you, or when you stole all of their money, or when you cheated on them, or….Yikes! I think that would be a little overwhelming!

As a Professional Psychic, I get a lot of calls from people that have fallen desperately in love with someone, but the relationship is a bad one that they just can’t let go of. Now let’s say that you had a past life with this person and this person was your child that you had to let go of due to certain life circumstances, but you were never able to come to peace with that decision.  What if you were so traumatized by that decision, that you SWORE TO GOD that given a chance, you would never let them go again?

If the life lesson you had set yourself up for in that previous life was” letting go”, but you did not learn that lesson, then theoretically, this may be your second (or fifth!) opportunity to finally come to a personal and peaceful resolution of that relationship. Unfortunately, without understanding the dynamics of “now and then”, you may be bound to repeat this story until the end of time. The good news is, we humans have been left with a mechanism to heal this type of issue in both the past and present. That is Past Life Regression.

In PLR, I have come to see that it really is often less about what happened, and more about the decision we made at the time, that can be reflected in the experiences and choices we make today. Most of the time, we can navigate the daily life lessons, let go and be at peace. But, sometimes we just can’t. Unreasonable fears and phobias may be keeping us from living a life of freedom and joy. Hypnosis Regression therapy, whether it takes us to a past life or not, can be a powerful catalyst for healing.

So, if you’re stuck, give it a try! I offer this in person and online.

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