Where is God?

At my last “The Merry Medium & Friends” event a lady wanted to know if her grandfather was still an atheist since he had passed on. His answer was, “Yes! But I see now that while there is no “One God”, I now understand that everything and everyone and every particle of air around us is God.”

Later that night as I was practicing a manifestation prayer I was shown that I was sending the energy of my manifestation out to the Universe and up to God. What I was actually doing was sending the energy away from me, instead of being the energy and creating from myself and the particles of air surrounding me. Hmmm…

I realized that while I understand intellectually that God, The Universe, Higher Power or whatever you call it is all around us, my subconscious mind ( the important and most powerful part of the mind) was still working from the idea of God being separate from me that I had learned as a child.

Manifesting is generally hindered by the difference in the conscious thought and the unconscious thought. Once those 2 are merged the manifestation becomes pure and exponentially powerful.

Since I had this reality check the feeling of my manifestations has changed and become so comfortable and wonderful. My unconscious mind is now fully on board and it feels great!

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Giant Hugs, Mary

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