Psychic Readings/Mediumship
What is a reading about?
A reading is all about YOU! More specifically, it is the opportunity to check in on your life’s path. The Universe, your Guides, and your Higher Consciousness are full of the answers to all of your questions: Love, Health, Wealth and Life in General. Mediumship allows me to help you communicate with those who have passed on, as well as those who still walk this world with you. I connect with your guides and my own, as well as any other Higher Beings that are here to help you. And, since I am an Energy Healer, it is not unusual for you to receive energy healing right along with your reading.

“Let me walk the misty paths of probability for you, helping to bring light to the shadows.” – Mary O’Maley, Psychic Scout

When should you call?
Call when you need help to navigate the changes in your life. Let me be your Psychic Scout.
Call when you need to resolve grief and connect with someone who has passed on.
Call when you feel lost and you need to reconnect with yourself and your highest guidance.
I can communicate with your pets, too.  And, as a Nutritional Intuitive, I’ll help you connect with the nutritional and lifestyle changes that your body is craving.

Have some specific questions ready for me! Sessions are available by phone or can be done online and recorded for you to review at anytime. Be sure to give me a good email when you schedule and I’ll send you the details! You can schedule with the Schedule Appointment link below, or if you need immediate assistance click the button at the top.

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Group readings/Mediumship – in your home , or, host an online group. Prices are $40 per person with a $200 minimum. The host is free, of course.  Call to schedule. 800-341-9609

In the first ten minutes of my first reading with Mary, she saw the one thing that I was running from my whole life. She connected me with my guides and they screamed for her to hear them like they were on a tiny life raft and Mary was the search and rescue pilot tasked with finding them. She connected me back to myself and I had never cried so hard for “me” in my life. In that first reading, Mary told me that I had a choice. My life was going to change dramatically and that I had two options; I could resist and let it hit me like a ton of bricks or I could welcome the change and have fun. At that point in my life I had recently lost my Mother, my family life was in turmoil and I had no money. How could I possibly survive any more change? My life was already unrecognizable. But Mary had seen into my soul so clearly in the first moments of my reading, how could I not trust her? I opted to embrace the change. Three years later, I am a different person living a life I never knew was possible and I’m having boat loads of fun. Mary saved me from that life raft drifting aimlessly in the dark and now I’m leading my own little conga line through the lower decks of the most fabulous cruise ship of life. I know, with Mary’s help, I will make it to the Captain’s table one day and when I do, I’ll have one hell of a story to share.”  Angela R.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Mary O’Maley for encouraging me to start my own business and teach. Thank you for showing me the way, Mary! – Denise V.”

“Still in awe and total appreciation of the reading you gave me at the body, mind, & spirit expo yesterday! You ‘re such a gift! Thank you, Merry!”  Lorenzo

“After every reading with Mary, I come away feeling energized, clear and informed. Every piece of information she imparts is positive and helpful to my current and future path. She is a true gift.”

“Mary absolutely connected my brother and me. He clearly and immediately came through. Very accurately we were able to connect and it brought me an incredible calm. Powerful and priceless experience.– Mari, San Pedro, CA

“[Mary is] generous in spirit and nature, and always seem sincere in what [she] says. There’s a real sense of care when one is speaking with [Mary] and that is a blessing in itself and really makes the whole experience comfortable and complete.– Hillary, Los Angeles, CA”

“MARY O’MALEY has been my mentor for 17 years.  She has guided me through major decisions of founding a successful  women’s  empowerment group, an art center, and making serious career changes. Every one of these directional choices in my life has been positive and successful. As I reflect back, all of them have been with the guidance and support of Mary. She has challenged me to make choices I would have never dreamed possible without her psychic vision. In addition, I have watched her help others I have referred to her, all of them most grateful for Mary’s directives. I look forward to the future life journeys with Mary by my side and welcome her continued guidance.  ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Annette of San Pedro

“Finding your peace & center may be easy for some, for others: difficult. Slowing a whirlwind down to listen to their heart is something Mary has helped me with. I have always followed my intuition but don’t often hear it speak out loud…Mary is helping me with that. I’ve many talents yet to hone. ” Pam A.

“You know the end of the story; it is all there in JJ’s Win Picture, now let me tell you how he came to win his first race and go on to have a long and successful career on the track.

In 2005, we sent JJ to the race trainer in Hot springs.  He had already been started by a local trainer and was a fit and happy horse that showed great potential for the speed needed to run at the track.  After just a few weeks at the race trainer, we got some disconcerting news about JJ’s behavior.  He had gone from a willing happy horse to a sullen, uncooperative, depressed animal.  Our trainer was just about ready to give up on JJ, telling us he didn’t think JJ wouldn’t make it in the racing world.

I was puzzled by this personality shift.  What had happened to my sweet JJ?  If only he could tell me what was wrong…

I called Mary O’Maley to see if she worked with horses and could offer any insight into what was going on with JJ.  Although Mary had not previously worked with horses and knew next to nothing about them she said she was willing to try to communicate with him.  I soon received a call from Mary, she had made a connection with the horse and he had a lot to say!  He was feeling abandoned and didn’t know who he belonged to. He didn’t understand why he had been sent away… 

Although Mary knew nothing about horses and herd behavior she “nailed” it.  To a horse, the herd is everything.  It is protection, safety, community- survival.  To be shunned by the herd is the worst punishment possible for a horse and that is precisely what we had done – sent him away from home and herd.  No wonder he was so depressed!

Mary gave us specific instructions on how to reassure JJ that he was still our horse and part of our herd. We headed down to hot Springs straight away and put Mary’s recommendations into action. We did not tell the trainer what we were up to; all he knew was that we visited with our horse. One week after that visit the trainer called to tell us JJ had had a big “turn around” and he would soon be putting JJ into his first race…. As you can see in the photo, JJ didn’t just win his first race- he won the heck out of it!! Brigid O’Loughlin Maddox”

Note: The picture did not transfer to this post, but it shows J.J. winning by many lengths!