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Your Hidden Powers

You can catch me every Monday morning around 6:40am PST on Doug Stephan’s Good Day show. This is a short weekly interview on Past Lives, Psychic awareness, Mediumship, and many other different topics.



Bat Chat – For the Halloween Obsessed

This little podcast is so much fun! It is recoded at LA Studio, right here in San Pedro, so I got to sit in with the ladies at the studio. I got to be the focus of several of the podcasts and a guest commentator on a couple. They are hinting that I’ll be back with them soon! These are short; only about 15 minutes. Some funny moments! Go here

http://batchatpodcast.blogspot.com/…/bat-chat-mary-omaley-p… #PastLifeRegression #Psychic #BatChatRadio

Ann O’Brien Spiritual Living

Podcast: Why Great Psychics Don’t Predict the Future