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Hi Everybody! Been awhile for me to post and I enjoyed doing the show so much on Monday from a nutritional point of view. I have a Master of Science degree in holistic nutritional health and everytime I do a one-on-one reading I get pictures of foods that the client’s body is craving. I also receive other infomation about general health like water consumption, and how the food they are eating affects their daily life.

So, I was filling out a questionnaire the other day about my psychic abilities when my guides spoke very loudly into my ear that I am also a Nutritional Intuitive and I should be letting everyone know. Funny how things we just do everyday don’t stand out as unique to us!

Are you ready to start feeling better? Want to know what your body is asking for? Just Ask! Yes; do a short meditation every morning and ask your body to show you what it wants that day. You can even do it when you’re making your shopping list for the week.

To get a great understanding of the condition of your body right now you can go to and click on the Heath Analysis button and take the simple test. If you decide to place an order be sure to order $40 worth if you can so you get the membership discount. There is no obligation to sell or anything like that! After nearly 20 years of being in this business I have found that Natures Sunshine Products are the most powerful and consistant of the supplement companies I work with.

If you have questions just give me a call at 424-781-0027.

If you would like a full Nutritional Counseling appointment the cost is $175 and takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Can be done in person, skype or phone. You’ll need to keep a complete food diary for the week before.  If you know you’re going to need some longer term support you can purchase a bundle of 6 appointment for the price of 5. Buy a bundle, save a bundle!

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