Soul Scout Coaching Program

Hi! I’m Soul Scout, Mary O’Maley. I’m a human, like you,  that has lived a life! The ups and downs, disappointments successes, abuses and recoveries, debilitating griefs and ascendant joys, love, luck, lust. I’ve been utterly lost, and finally found.

And through it all, I discovered my Soul, my gifts, and my passion. And that passion is teaching and guiding you to the life of your dreams, in much less than the 30 years than it took me to get here!

I now know that you have a brilliant intuition and even a “sixth sense”, within you. I call it your SUPER POWER. And, I know how to help you identify, embrace, become intimate with, and let it be the Super Power you were born with.

The Soul Scout coaching program is designed to help YOU, the spiritually curious and adventurous, learn to create a beautiful fusion of soul magic with your earthbound reality.

So, what does working with your Soul feel like?

            It feels like falling in love. Like blushes and secret smiles. Like butterflies awakening throughout your body Like an unexpected gift. Like hope. It feels like owning a piece of the most powerful force in the Universe!

The Soul Scout coaching program makes use of the best of group coaching sessions and unlimited one-on-one sessions that are uniquely geared to your needs, for an entire year.

Why a year? Because although change and healing can happen in an instant, many more layers are revealed over the course of time. And I want you to be supported through all of it.

What does it look like for you, a year from now?

What would your home be like? How would you make your living? How would you help the world? Who would you love? Who would love you? What would you create?

            Well…only you and your beautiful Soul know the answers. How do you think your life would look if you were able to live life from a position of complete confidence, with the support and dedication of THE MOST POWERFUL ALLY?

I have a hunch you found this page because you have an ouch. Something or things about your life hurt, and you’re tired of not being able to fix it. Just click on the Make Appointment tab to get started on May 1st!