Indecision or Resistance to Change?

I did a reading for a fellow last week regarding his indecision on purchasing a very expensive, upgraded piece of equipment for his business. When I checked in with Spirit, they told me his problem wasn’t indecision, it was resistance to change. As I told him he practically stopped breathing, staring at me for nearly a full minute. I watched the light go on in his eyes as he said, “yes, that is exactly it”. The purchase of this equipment was going to really change how he did business, and necessitated a huge change in his commitment to marketing, time on the business, etc.

I thought about how many moments of indecision I have in my own life and was also able to track it down to resistance to change. For example, I want to change my eating habits but, the changes I have to make in my daily routine to shop and cook more seem daunting.

The changes I am making in my business also will take more of my time and a big commitment to discipline in marketing and getting “out there” to meet more folks.

This means an entire overhaul of daily, weekly, and monthly habits and commitments. I am having to really give it all up to the Universe! Also, I scan my body and auric field for energetic blocks to making these changes and work steadily at dissolving them.

I didn’t realize before this how comfortable I had become with my daily habits and how making changes initially presents a fear of becoming uncomfortable. Staying focused and taking charge of the knee-jerk fear response is the key here.

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