Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an easy and quicker way to implement new behaviors. We induce a state of “trance”, which feels a lot like daydreaming, to access the subconscious mind where all of our habit patterns are stored. In essence, we reprogram the subconscious mind as if it is a computer program.

While your body may look like it is asleep, most people are at least somewhat conscious and aware during hypnosis. You must be able to follow instructions, but if an instruction is given that you are uncomfortable with, you can and will resist the instruction. The hypnotist is a guide; you are not under their “power”. It is actually very rare that a person does not remember their session.

It is easy and enjoyable. My biggest complaint is people not wanting to come out of such a wonderfully relaxed state.

Hypnotherapy adds the dimension of deeper awareness and experience. I will ask the subconscious mind to take us to the point where a behavior or thought pattern was created and heal it at that point. This is extremely powerful work. This is where we may find past life experiences and spontaneous healing. Hypnotherapy is probably the most amazing process you will ever experience.

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Past Life Regressions

A PLR experience is a recalling,  while you are in a trance state, of another time. In the story of the other time, you play the starring role!

The biggest question seems to be, “is it real?” After nearly 20 years as a Hypnotherapist, I believe in my heart that it is, and yet, I have also found that it doesn’t matter. The subconscious mind tells a story and once we understand the decisions that were made in that story, and how those decisions affect us today, we can make new decisions from that moment that will change our thoughts, behaviors, and actions today.

As a therapy, PLR has proven to create healing of relationships, physical ailments, understanding behaviors and phobias, to name a few. One thing I’ve noticed is this work helps you to know, love and accept yourself at the deepest level. For many of us that is a miracle!

So, do you wonder who you were and how it’s affecting you today? Are you mysteriously drawn to a person, place or event from past history? Would you like to feel more comfortable with yourself? If the answer is yes to any of these questions you may find your answers in a Past Life Regression.

Testimonials and stories

“I have been having a relationship issue for many years.  Once I get close to the person, I always engaged in self-sabotage behavior without thinking and that destroyed the relationships even when I perceived some of men as kind, caring, and trustworthy.  I decided to get help from Mary O’Maley.   Mary guided me into the deep state of relaxation and it did not take a long time for me to get there.
Some images started popping up in my mind.  Initially, Mary and I both did not know what they mean and what they represent, then she asked series of questions to identify what they represent and 
what they relate to next images that showed up.  After following her guidance, I eventually realized what those images are all about, that the event I totally forgot about came back with emotions that I had felt at that time.
She helped me to release that painful event with grace while I was under hypnosis. 
After the session, I felt a significant difference.  And I am  behaving differently in a positive way in this relationship I am currently having with this good man. Finding the root of the issue, recognizing and really feeling the emotions associated with it again, and release all with her help changed me.  I am very happy with the result and experiencing the happiness every day.  I have some other issues to work on, so I will go ahead and ask Mary to continue to help me.  Thank you very much, Mary. 
I will see you soon!!! Kyoko”

Mary’s Past Life Regression & Healing

Many years ago when I was a brand new hypnotist, my life was a mess. I was a single mom, on disability, struggling with some depression and was barely able to pay the rent. I had many good excuses for not being able to start my Hypnotherapy business.
I was asked to volunteer for a past life regression class given by my friend and beloved mentor, Shelly Stockwell Nicholas.
In the regression, I was a young woman, 16 or 17 in England around the year 450 AD. In my village, I had been trained as a healer. Vikings(?) were destroying the villages around us, but their men had become very ill and were dying. I was given to their camp as a healer in exchange for them leaving our village alone. When I got to their camp I realized it was too late for most of them to be helped and most still died during the few days I was with them. My captors decided they had been duped, tied me to a pole and set me on fire, and then killed everyone in my village anyway!

As I died, I made the decision that I could not be trusted as a healer since I had failed and everyone in my village died because of my failure. I was able to resolve this experience and acknowledge that I actually feared being in any healing type industry because of this failure.

Strangely enough, even though my material circumstances had not changed, I was able to start my hypnotherapy business less than a week later! A friend was learning graphic design, and as practice, she designed and helped me create business cards and professional brochures (I only had to pay for the paper)! Another new acquaintance offered me the use of her lovely office space and I only had to pay for the hours I used the space. Wow! It was clearly only my own fear holding me back!

Brigid’s Story

When Mary told me she was working on this book about regression therapy I felt my story would be a perfect fit for a couple of reasons. One, my experience with regression hypnosis has solved / cured a lifelong problem and second, it was Mary herself that took me through the process.

I was sitting in her class learning how to become a hypnotist when I coughed. I knew it was just not a normal cough. I knew this was the arrival of THE BIG CHOKE. That is what I call it in my mind -THE BIG CHOKE – in all caps, because it is BIG. It is life stopping, car crashing, falling down and fainting BIG. When THE BIG CHOKE happens I cannot breath, my airways constrict –no air in or out till I pass out. Needless to say, this caused quite a disruption to our class. After it passed Mary asked lots of questions (I did not realize it at the time, but Mary was taking me through the pre-hypnosis interview). This is what I shared with Mary and the class about THE BIG CHOKE.

I can remember the first time it happened… I do not remember how old I was but I was young, maybe seven or eight years old. I was with my parents at Santa Anita Racetrack having a pre-race picnic lunch. I remember it was a perfect sunny So Cal day. We were sitting in folding chairs and eating sandwiches when it happened. It came on with no warning, no reason (I did not have any food in my mouth at the time), I just choked. My airways closed completely.

I remember struggling for air but none could get through. I remember panicking. I remember thinking I was dying. As consciousness began to slip away, I recall my father (who is color blind) asking my mother if I was blue. After that, everything went blank. Next thing they were standing over me checking for a pulse. THE BIG CHOKE has been with me ever since, a frequent visitor for over forty-five years.

Over the years I have learned how to deal with it. I have learned how to combat panic with calmness. I tell myself wait, wait, don’t panic, you will breathe again… I repeat it over and over in my head, wait, wait, don’t panic, you will breathe again… Believe me, that Zen state I am looking for is a real challenge when it happens with people around. There I am barely clinging to consciousness and the people around me are in utter panic as I go down to my knees. I am fighting for calm and they are buzzing around getting water, trying the Heimlich maneuver, calling 911…. The worst is when it happens while driving: that is a race to the shoulder of the road before losing control or passing out.

For those of you that believe that everything happens for a reason, here is your proof. For those of you who do not, here is your proof that it does. This day our class was to be on regression therapy.

Mary asked me if I was willing to do a regression and see if THE BIG CHOKE was related to my past. Thus began my first experience with regression therapy…

I do not recall the induction or the deepening. To me I was just there. I was so clearly and vividly there – hanging by a rope. I could see my feet dangling below me, I could hear a crowd of people all around and I could feel the rope closing around my neck. I felt my airways cut off in the exact place they close during THE BIG CHOKE.

I heard Mary’s voice say “you are safe…. No one can hurt you…”. I heard something about viewing this scene on a movie screen and then my view shifted. With the rope no longer choking me I saw the scene as from the outside. I saw myself being hung in a town square; I saw the townsfolk watching. I saw fear in their eyes and something more.

With Mary’s guidance I was able to learn why they were hanging me. The people of the town had been told I was a witch and if they hung me their struggles with poverty and hunger would be relieved. I knew I was no witch; I was a healer. I knew it and so did many of the townsfolk. The fear in their eyes was both fear of their struggles and fear of what they had done. The something more I saw in their eyes was hope, hope that this action they were taking would work to alleviate their pain. As the session progressed I eventually found forgiveness and acceptance for those who had betrayed both me and their own hearts.

I cannot say if this “memory” I experienced was truly from a past life or if this imagery was created deep in my psyche for the purpose of dealing with my issues of betrayal. One way or the other it does not matter to me. Through this therapy I found peace. I gained compassion for those who have hurt me. I came to understand that I am not the sole proprietor of fear, pain or hope and that those around me are also driven by these powerful forces. Fear and hope are powerful motivators. They drive us to do exceptional things – exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. Through this understanding I have found forgiveness in many areas of my life.

It has been many months* since my experience with regression therapy and I still feel the peace I gained in that session. Also I am very happy to report that I have not choked since.
Brigid O’Loughlin Maddox