Hypnosis Certification

October 13-17, 2017 Hypnosis Certification Level 1*  – 470 W. 6th St., San Pedro, California 90731

*Level 2 Continues Oct 18-21st (not mandatory)

Hypnosis Certification for Psychics/Mediums

Intuitive Hypnosis – This course is designed specifically for Professional Psychics & Mediums. (Also great for Energy Workers) Those of us who regularly travel throughout time and space have unique needs and circumstances that will be addressed. And, we’ll have a lot of fun!

I’ve noticed that many professional Psychics & Mediums are also Hypnotists. It’s a natural pairing! Working within our inner awareness strengthens our gifts, and grants us freedom from our own fears. It is also a natural pairing for helping your clients. Many of us do lots more than turn over a few cards. We tend to also help counsel and coach our wonderful clients. Using the power of the mind we can offer so much more.

For those of us working as Professional Psychics and Mediums, understanding how the mind works is a natural fit. Your clients are often so focused on what you’re saying, they will drift into a natural state of what we call a hypnotic trance. You need to be careful with your words! In the right circumstances your words can actually be “suggestions” that the subconscious mind will pick up as new programming, and a new truth. As professionals, we need to be very careful of overriding a person’s free will through this naturally occurring state. And, of course, your words and “suggestions” can help people to heal, or view their world from a more positive and healthful perspective.

In these courses, you will learn all the basics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and many techniques for hypnotic healing in the deepest levels of body, mind, and soul. And also, how to create an entirely new type of session using your readings and the power of their minds. Intuitive Hypnosis.

The Level 1* Hypnosis Certification course, includes professional instruction and lots of hands-on experience. You will be hypnotized. You will hypnotize a number of people, including classmates and volunteers. You will leave this class feeling very confident with your skills and ready to go to work changing lives!

*Level 2 completes a full 100 hours of training. In Level 2 we will move deeply into the therapy part of Hypnotherapy. We’ll explore past, future, and parallel lives, hypnosis into body parts, and different aspects of the personality, and more…

The regular price for Level 1 is $850! Levels 1 & 2 are $1500

But, I have decided to offer an EARLY BIRD price of $700

Add Level 2 for only $1255

REGISTER by September 10th, to hold your special price. 

Your full registration fee covers all instruction, texts and workbooks, IHF Professional Certification, and a 1-year membership in International Hypnosis Federation. CE’s available. And, a private Facebook page for continuing support.

Book as soon as possible to hold your place. 50% partial payment is acceptable and will allow me to mail your texts and workbooks right away. Balance will be due by October 10th. Please note that payments, partial and full, are NON-REFUNDABLEClick below to register.

*Level 2 Only is also available to those that are already certified.

Full or Deposit