Home and Space Clearing

I’ve had several people ask me about Home Clearing lately. Home and space clearing dissolves negative energies and allows you to reset the energy of the space so that it feels inviting, loving, peaceful, and abundant.

With only a couple of exceptions, this energy clearing can be easily done by you. Tools you may want to use include:

Dried sage, sweet grass, or palo santo sticks. Simply set your personal energy and intent within yourself and the material you chose to burn. Then light it with a match or candle, or lighter, and use a feather, or just your hand to disperse the smoke as you move around the room. Keep holding your intent, or repeat a short prayer as you work.

Holy Water. Holy water is easy to make yourself. Fill a spray bottle with water and then write the blessing you wish to bestow on the outside of the bottle, once again holding the energy and intent and passing that into the bottle.  I like to bless mine with Pure Source Love. Leave the water in the spray bottle for a few hours or a day, then spray a light mist through your room(s), holding your intent, or repeating a short prayer as you work. By blessing my water with the energy of Pure Source Love, I repeat a prayer like, “I fill this room with pure love, love of peace, love of protection, love of abundance, love of understanding…” Well, you get the picture!

Candles. Don’t underestimate the power of candle magic! Every time you light a candle in your space, take a moment to send a prayer into that candle as you light it. The fire and smoke from the candle send your prayer into the room and out to the Universe. This is very powerful. Imagine holding the intent of love, peace, and a good time had by all as you light candles on your dining table before a dinner party!

These are just a few of the tools you can use to clear and bless the energy in your home. You can spend a lot of money, or hardly any money at all on these tools. Your energy, intent, and words are the most important elements.

There are at least two reasons that you may want to hire a professional like me to clear your space:

Selling your home. You can do everything right before you sell your home, but if you don’t clear your emotional attachments you can leave a residual energy that doesn’t allow perspective buyers to feel that sense of “my home” when they walk in. It will feel like “someone else’s home”, and they won’t be comfortable. I clear YOU as well as the house when I am called in to professionally clear and reset a home’s energy and spirit to sell. Don’t worry that the entire family needs to be there as I have you stand proxy for each one!

Uncomfortable entities. Yes, ghosts, spirits, and elementals! Since they thrive on the energy of those that live in the space, it is a lot easier to hire a professional to send these to the light. Remember, you do not have to share your space with anyone, or thing, that you don’t want to. Don’t be afraid to get some help. I can also do entity clearings remotely, meaning I do not have to be in your home or any where near, to move a spirit along.

Stay tuned as I’ll be writing more about space clearing in the future!

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