Group Scout Workshops

Welcome to the Group Scouting Workshops!

Each week for 12 weeks you will explore and experience yourself in a way you have never imagined! You will connect to your true self throughout all of time and space! Each class is an opportunity to heal and get answers to your questions and concerns.

The classes will be offered in person on Wednesday evenings and/or, online on Thursday evenings.

You can choose them individually or purchase the entire series. The online versions will be available for the entire week once they are recorded, so you don’t have to worry if you miss the scheduled time.

Wednesday class will be held at Findings Art Center, 470 W. 6th St, San Pedro, CA 90731 from 7pm-8:30pm.

Thursday Class will be held online from 5-6:30pm PST.  7 Central time and 8 for those of you back east! I use, which works like Skype, and we can all see each other. You will receive a link to the class, and you can connect via computer, tablet, or phone. In addition, the classes will be recorded and available for one week.

Wednesday and Thursday classes will cover the same topic of the week. Cost is $23 per class, OR you can purchase the entire series for $230 which gives you 2 free classes, (See paypal button below for this option)

Book individual classes here

Purchase the entire series here

OK here are the weekly topics:

July 26 & 27 – Connecting with your Higher Self– Discussion and guided meditation for clarity and self awareness.

August 2 & 3 – Group Past Life Regression – healing from the source

Aug. 9 & 10 – Group Psychic/Mediumship reading – you can ask any question or connect with a loved one.

Aug. 16 & 17 – Group Post Life Regression – We will regress to the end of your present life; if you don’t like what you see you will ask your subconscious mind what you can do now to change that! Also, if time allows, we will regress as a group to 1000 years in the future.

Aug. 23 & 24 – Playing with Psychic Tools – Tarot cards, Runes, and symbols and different ways to use them for your highest good

Aug. 30 & 31 – Group Parallel Life Regression – Explore alternate life decisions and find out what else your soul is up to at the present time

September 6 & 7 – Playing with Energy – Using nature, color, emotions to change or enhance how you feel. Discover others energy and transfer healing energy from Spirit.

Sept. 13 & 14 – Happy Home Clearing Methods – Clear yourself, home, office, family of any unwanted spirit visitors.

Sept. 20 & 21 – Body Regression – Regress into a part of your body that is giving you trouble and find out what it needs to heal. Great for pain and stress

Sept. 27 & 28 – Powerful Visualization – learn all the aspects of creating that perfect visualization and the energy that puts it into action.

October 4 & 5 – Your Psychic Fingerprints – We are all psychic, but like fingerprints, our abilities are unique. Let’s find your uniqueness!

Oct. 11 & 12 – Group Psychic/Mediumship reading – you can ask any question or connect with a loved one.

All classes are experiential and casual. Pajamas OK for online class!