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Hypnosis Certification for Psychics

Specialized Hypnosis Certification for Professional Psychics & Mediums



Do you know things you shouldn’t? Do you feel spirits around you? Have you had those eerie moments? Are they a product of your imagination? I think not!  I believe we are all born with amazing intuition and psychic abilities and that it is our right to claim and use them as we use all of our other 5 senses. Psychic abilities are a lot like finger prints. Everyone, and their abilities, are different. The only way to learn what works for you is to jump right in and give it a try. All of the classes are very experiential. Scroll down to pick the class or program that is right for you.

Psychic Self Confidence Mentoring/Coaching

This program is perfect for Life and Business Coaches, Therapists, Business owners, Sales People, Managers, Medical Professionals, Real Estate Agents (learn house clearing techniques!), Psychics, Mediums, and more.  Expand awareness of your gifts; grow in trust and confidence; connect more easily to clients, patients, and personal relations.

The Psychic Self Confidence class will help you determine how to apply your gifts and skills. Specifically tailored to you and your professional and personal needs, this program consists of 4, approximately 45 minute, online sessions, which are recorded for you to review anytime. Start anytime.

We’ll be identifying and refining your psychic/intuitive gifts and determining when and how to use those gifts to benefit you, your family, and your clients or patients, along with delivery, ethics, and the importance of words. Bring your current work and life issues to the sessions and we will work through them, honing your natural gifts and supplementing with some of my gifts when appropriate. $250.

Click on the BUY NOW button. Once I receive your payment I’ll email a special code to you which you can use to schedule all four of your appointments.

Professional Psychic and/or Medium Mentoring and Certification

Together, we will:

Define and strengthen your natural “clairs”, and/or build up and strengthen your weaker “clairs”.

Create or refine the anatomy and structure of your “readings”, your delivery, and discuss the importance and responsibility of the words you choose during a reading. We’ll also examine ethics, and how your personal values can effect a reading. And, we’ll explore the business of being a Professional Psychic/Medium.

Other topics can include personal psychic specialties and natural leanings, such as psychics as healers, tools for working with so called “curses”, and spirit attachment.

And, one or more sessions can be designated for releasing personal blocks to your success, using any of the alternative modalities I have to offer, such as Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

You will finish this certification with confidence and structure to your readings, high ethical standards, deeper and broader knowledge of the work and issues that may come your way and how to deal them, a deeper connection and understanding of spirit and the metaphysical realm, and a lovely certificate of completion.

Click on the BUY NOW button. Once I receive your payment I’ll email a special code to you which you can use to schedule all of your appointments. $1,200.

Or, you can purchase in blocks of 4 sessions with a particular focus .  Call me to discuss at  424-781-0027  $450

“Hi!! I just wanted to share a little something with you. I did readings at a party tonight. My goal was to do as you suggested and use the cards less. I did and it worked so good. The messages just flowed. I used the cards as a little guidance but mainly related on spirit and intuition. My readings were more on point than they ever have been. Thank you! I am so excited for the next class! Thank you!”” Wendy Graves

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