Soul Scout Coaching Programs

I have a hunch you found this page because something, or things, about your life hurt, and you’re tired of not being able to fix it.

When your life is not bringing you peace and joy, and you’re feeling tired and beat up, you’ve probably lost some faith in yourself!

A lack of faith in yourself is experienced mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Mentally, you may find that it’s hard to think clearly. Sometimes your mind will be in a fog, and sometimes your thoughts and ideas may spin in a never-ending loop. It may be hard to stay focused on your thoughts, and you are easily distracted. You find yourself second guessing decisions you’ve made. It’s exhausting!

Emotionally, you may be trapped in a fear loop that creates a constant anxiety and sense of being in danger. The thoughts that create the fear sound like, “I don’t have enough …, but, what if…, I’m too old, I don’t have enough education, I’m not attractive enough, … You may feel like you’re not sure where you belong, or you may feel like a fraud. Your self judgement is so severe and nasty that you spend a lot of time looking outside of yourself for validation.

Physically, you may be experiencing symptoms of chronic anxiety. You may feel tired and achy, and just low in energy. You may feel like you have trouble sleeping and/or trouble waking up. You may feel like your body has been slowly breaking down over the years even though you are not technically ill. Or, maybe you are now ill.

A part of your life, or even your whole life, is like a Merry-go-round. Your mind convinces you that you are moving forward, even up and down. The reality is your life has not moved in any direction that feels joyful and productive. You are paralyzed.

You could be the most successful CEO in the world, but if you do not have the simple faith of being lovable all your relationships will be shallow or business like.

You may never be able to succeed in business if you feel like you cannot do it like everyone else, and so have no faith that the way that feels right to you, can possibly work.

Lack of faith in yourself will produce a myriad of symptoms, and so much pain that I could write pages of them, and never find an end.

But, having faith in yourself, leaves you with a clear mind that is ripe for creativity and intimate communication with your innate wisdom and intuition.

Having faith in yourself leaves you feeling both excited, and at peace. It allows you to experience, and expect, nothing less than true love. It allows you to have a good, deep laugh over your perceived failures, learn the lessons and continue to move forward. You rediscover hope and trust. And, self-love.

Your body will begin to heal. A resurgence of pure energy will take you right off that Merry-go-round, and onto the most beautiful life path.

You will have no doubt that your presence on this Earth is necessary and perfect.

So, I am Mary, and people hire me to restore faith in themselves. Are you ready?

The Soul Scout coaching program is designed to help YOU, the spiritually curious and adventurous, learn to create a beautiful fusion of soul magic with your earthbound reality.

Below are awesome ways to change your life. Click here for a free coaching consult if you’re not sure which is best for you.

One-on-One Deep Coaching

One-on-one coaching, 2 times a month, for 6 months. Make your actions truly reflect your consciously centered desires. This is a deep coaching experience. Rapid, and positive changes abound in your business, health, and relationships.

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 Soul Scout One Day Immersion Coaching

This is a full day of immersion coaching. Get clear on what you want to create. Reveal and release major blocks, create an Action Map, and instill quality thoughts and behaviors that help you follow your Action Map with confidence. Also, includes three months of follow up. Click here sign up:

Three months “when you need it” coaching!

We all go through transitions in this life, and some are easier than others! You don’t have to do it all alone.