Heal Your Soul-Heal Your Life!

Do you ever wonder what is holding you back, when everyone around you is moving forward?

Are you tired of it all being…so hard?

Does it seem as though something is missing in you that sabotages your success?

After having experienced all of the above in my own life, the key piece of information that changed my journey was discovering that my life’s experiences had caused pieces of my SOUL to go missing! And, without those pieces of my soul, my business and my life could not maintain consistent growth.

Heal Your Soul-Heal Your Life is a coaching program like no other. In this program you will experience yourself moving forward in your life with ease and joy. And, you won’t be alone!

Finally start or grow that business of yours! Write that book! Take excellent care of yourself in all areas!

It all starts with attending a Free, One-on-One, 30 minute, Introduction to the program.. In this Introduction you will:

·         Get crystal clear on what your life would be like if you reclaimed and reactivated your soul, heart, and will, and gain a new awareness of how the missing pieces of your soul are causing many of the challenges you face right now.

·       Have an actual soul retrieval experience.

·         And, you will leave the session renewed, reenergized, and inspired to fill your life with joy, success, and abundance.

If NOW is the time to find and activate your natural inclination to success then schedule your Heal Your Soul-Heal Your Life Intro appointment through the link below. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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Read other’s results from working with Mary…

A year ago I was lost and confused. Not sure which direction in my life I wanted to go and what to do next to get there.

A friend of mine suggested that I see Mary for past life regressive hypnotherapy. My intuition felt that the suggestion would provide me the inner peace that I had hoped.

After my 4 hour session with Mary, that included energy healing and hypnotherapy, I felt a huge weight had lifted from my body and I was free to live my life happily. Months later, I was confident about who I was, the decisions I made, and could hear and trust my inner guidance about everything. The best thing is after 9 months of listening to the hypnosis recording that Mary and I created I realized that everything that I had wanted to be and do,  I was already there.  I had arrived. Thank you, Mary!  Best Regards, Denecia Jones, CEO/Founder/MSML”

“Mary’s healing and energy work is very powerful.  In The Ultimate she clears your body and helps it heal where it needs to!  She also helps you reconnect to your inner soul when Mary does her regression work- so powerful and so right – it helped me understand what I was afraid of and how I dealt with an issue.  In the first 30 days my body was healing and reconnecting.  My left foot started to realign as I wasn’t able to fully bend it right since it was broken.  My right knee is much better and through Mary’s recommendation to take Pilates and Mary’s powerful healing, I can now walk without my knee brace!  It’s been a year since I’ve been able to do this!  I followed Mary’s daily meditations to re-affirm and set my intentions each morning and night.  It helped me focus on what I wanted to change in my life.  All wonderful and magnificent changes!!!  Thank you Mary!!”

“Jillian S. says: I was skeptical at first because I had not used alternative therapy before, but Mary made me feel very comfortable and customized the program to directly suit my needs during this period of my life. I was able to relax and receive lots of positive healing energy during the chakra balancing and we were able to recognize some of my barriers during the hypnosis part of the session. The 4-hour session went by so quickly, but I felt like we had accomplished so much. I was able to leave that day with an action plan for the next steps of my journey and each day that I listen to her MP3s, I feel more motivated to do what I need to do to accomplish my goals and I already feel more confident in my own abilities. I can’t wait to see where this takes me in the next few weeks.”

Kerry Tuschhoff
Founder/Director of Hypnobabies LLC

Mary is an amazing hypnotherapist, energy healer, teacher, intuitive counselor. The sessions that I had with her were amazing and so effective in helping me change my life. Mary is so kind and loving, an expert at reading people and their needs. Her new Ultimate program is groundbreaking in its unique approach to multi-faceted healing!

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