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How often should you get a psychic reading?

“When should I come back?” This  is a question I get more often than you’d think. And, it is a very good question! There is a very real factor of becoming addicted to psychic readings. Some people can become too dependent on readings, just like anything else. They spend thousands of dollars, often on many different […]

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I’m off wheat!

Yep, even with all my nutritional training I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time. I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with me! Well, I just read a wonderful book called “Wheat Belly”, by William Davis, MD and discovered that the grain wheat is causing problems for more that just the […]

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Nutritional Intuitive

Hi Everybody! Been awhile for me to post and I enjoyed doing the show so much on Monday from a nutritional point of view. I have a Master of Science degree in holistic nutritional health and everytime I do a one-on-one reading I get pictures of foods that the client’s body is craving. I also […]

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