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Hi! I did a Facebook live today on “Balance”. I talk about all the areas of our lives that need balancing, and how balance is a very individual endeavor! The last half is a meditation. Enjoy!

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Indecision or Resistance to Change?

I did a reading for a fellow last week regarding his indecision on purchasing a very expensive, upgraded piece of equipment for his business. When I checked in with Spirit, they told me his problem wasn’t indecision, it was resistance to change. As I told him he practically stopped breathing, staring at me for nearly […]

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Curses, Hexes, & General Bad Juju

In honor of the season! Whether you believe in curses, or not, this coming interview with Maria Isobel Mextli will give you information and pointers on how to protect yourself from negative energy. You’ll learn simple techniques to keep your energy field clear and clean. Words and intention are a powerful recipe for directing energy. We’ll […]

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burning sage

Home and Space Clearing

I’ve had several people ask me about Home Clearing lately. Home and space clearing dissolves negative energies and allows you to reset the energy of the space so that it feels inviting, loving, peaceful, and abundant. With only a couple of exceptions, this energy clearing can be easily done by you. Tools you may want […]

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How often should you get a psychic reading?

“When should I come back?” This  is a question I get more often than you’d think. And, it is a very good question! There is a very real factor of becoming addicted to psychic readings. Some people can become too dependent on readings, just like anything else. They spend thousands of dollars, often on many different […]

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Where is God?

At my last “The Merry Medium & Friends” event a lady wanted to know if her grandfather was still an atheist since he had passed on. His answer was, “Yes! But I see now that while there is no “One God”, I now understand that everything and everyone and every particle of air around us […]

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