Psychic Scout! Looking ahead, scouting the paths of your possible decisions. Let me look ahead and let you know when the path is smooth, or if there are dangers ahead.
Psychics and intuitives have guided the rich and famous for thousands of years. Kings, Queens, Presidents, and Celebrities have used professional intuitives as their secret weapon for making important decisions and life altering plans.
What could you do with a secret weapon helping and guiding you?
Be confident to make much needed changes in your personal life?
Overcome fears and barriers to your success?
Follow a dream of your heart?
With the help of a good intuitive, the possibilities are endless!  Let me work with you to change your personal life for the better or to gain that much needed edge in your business affairs. I’m looking forward to being your secret weapon…let’s get started!

A holistic, alternative approach to mental, physical, and metaphysical well being.

Mary uses a host of alternative modalities to help you find the answers to mind/body/spirit issues. Using her unique blend of Hypnotherapy, Regression, Energy Therapy, Psychic and Medium skills, she skillfully leads you to healing possibilities, and holds a safe environment for self-exploration.

Mary O’Maley, MSHN, CHtI

Mary holds an MS in Holistic Nutritional Health Science and is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor with International Hypnosis Federation (IHF).  An IHF Award of Excellence winner, Mary specializes in Past Life Regression and is honored to be on the board of Past Life Research Institute. (PLRInstitute)

Her metaphysical studies allowed her to reignite her psychic and Mediumship gifts. Mary shares these gifts in home and gallery readings and individual sessions and is a Tested and Certified member of Best American Psychics.

Along with Dr. Carol Francis, Mary is the co-author of the book, Your Soaring Phoenix. She is also a contributing author 365 Days of Angel Prayers and several other books and publications.

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