Praise for Mary

Mary absolutely connected my brother and I. He clearly and immediately came through. Very accurately we were able to connect and it brought me an incredible calm. Powerful and priceless experience.

– Mari, San Pedro,CA

[Mary is] generous in spirit and nature, and always seem sincere in what [she] says. There’s a real sense of care when one is speaking with [Mary] and that is a blessing in itself and really makes the whole experience comfortable and complete.

– Hillary, Los Angeles,CA
Still in awe and total appreciation of the reading you gave me at the body, mind, & spirit expo yesterday! You re such a gift! Thank you Merry!


“After every reading with Mary, I come away feeling energized, clear and informed. Every piece of information she imparts is positive and helpful to my current and future path. She is a true gift.”

Where is God?

At my last “The Merry Medium & Friends” event a lady wanted to know if her grandfather was still an atheist since he had passed on. His answer was, “Yes! But I see now that while there is no “One God”, I now understand that everything and everyone and every particle of air around us […]

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3 Simple Questions to health and happiness

Happy New Year! Between the Winter Solstice and the New Year is the time when so many of us reflect upon the last year and what we would like to create for the new year.  I have found that by answering 3 simple questions each day I can give myself a head start on creating […]

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Find Your Friggin’ Joy

Here is Belinda’s wonderful interview Listen to internet radio with The Merry Medium on BlogTalkRadio   The show is back! I needed to take a break and do some prioritizing and I am very excited about On Monday, May 13 at 11:00am (PST) I have the honor of interviewing Belinda Farrell about her new […]

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I’m off wheat!

Yep, even with all my nutritional training I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time. I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with me! Well, I just read a wonderful book called “Wheat Belly”, by William Davis, MD and discovered that the grain wheat is causing problems for more that just the […]

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Nutritional Intuitive

Hi Everybody! Been awhile for me to post and I enjoyed doing the show so much on Monday from a nutritional point of view. I have a Master of Science degree in holistic nutritional health and everytime I do a one-on-one reading I get pictures of foods that the client’s body is craving. I also […]

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Healing on the radio show!

Wow! I did a “little” energy healing exercise on the radio show last night and I’m still on a high from it! I didn’t think about how huge it would feel. Thank you everyone for participating and also to those of you who might listen to the show later. I got a lot of wonderful […]

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Experience Past Life Regression tonight!

Merry Monday to you! I know, I know…Who let her out today? lol Just wanted to let you know about the show tonight. I’ll be discussing Past Life Regression Therapy; and really all aspects of Regression Therapy. And then, I’ll actually lead you in a Past Life Regression during the show! So, if you have […]

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Numerology of the 12-21-12

As promised, although a few hours late, here is the information from numerologist, Stephanie Joy. You may remember her from from the show on Remote Deposession. Thank You, Stephanie! 12/21/2012 adds up to 11, and this is a master number that works within spiritual, visionary, magically transcendental, healing and illuminating realms of creation. These are […]

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If you’ve listened to The Merry Medium Show at, you know that I adore many of the Independent authors out there writing paranormal and urban fantasy. So much fun and so affordable! I’ll be interviewing Kendall Grey, of the JUST BREATHE series late next month as she releases the last of the trilogy. So, […]

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Tonight on The Merry Medium Show!

Wow! Great weekend at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Pasadena. I met a lot of wonderful people in the bms business that you will be hearing from soon. Tonight I have the pleasure of interviewing Cecelia Samms of The Reconnection. Cecelia is an instructor and facilitator in this awesome healing modality and travels the […]

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